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Eminent Teaching Hospital
NICU Study 1


This study was commissioned by an eminent teaching hospital to study noise levels, light levels, and staff and family satisfaction in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units of their former and new facilities. The study was conducted over a two year period, with the first phase taking place in the former facility and the second phase taking place after move-in to the new facility.

During each phase of the work, sound levels were logged on a minute by minute basis for a period of 48 hours. Study researchers were stationed in the NICU’s and performed minute by minute observations for the entire 48 hour long periods. Light levels were logged. Staff and family were anonymously surveyed. Results of the study were published by the hospital. They were also presented at Internoise 2009 in Ottawa, Canada; the 2009 Midwest Healthcare Engineering Conference in Indianapolis; and the 2009 Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo in Chicago.


1 Work by Mr. Sevener (owner Soundscape Engineering LLC) while Senior Consultant at Acoustics By Design, Inc