By Mandy Kachur


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An attractive sound absorbing panel from Snowsound USA has recently debuted on the American market. Several notable design characteristics are tapered edges and mounting hardware that stands the panels off of a surface, floats them in a mobile-like array, or suspends them in a pleasant pairing suggestive of a butterfly.A dynamic three-dimensional look is the result. 


The panel performs as expected for a 1-1/2 inch thick absorber when placed directly on a hard surface. However, the mounting hardware holds the panel off the surface. As with any panel backed by a small air gap as in a wall mount or acoustical baffle hanging in free space, the performance is improved over a panel that is directly mounted against a surface. 


One of the most interesting features of the mounting hardware is the ability to easily mount the panels to glass partitions. This will help with breaking up adverse reflections in rooms with large areas of glass.





Photos: Snowsound USA