From our geographically central location, Soundscape Engineering LLC's acoustical consultants and noise and vibration control engineers serve clients located throughout North America - in Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Petoskey, Michigan; Milwaukee and Madison Wisconsin; Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Northwest Indiana; Los Angeles, California; Vancouver, British Columbia; Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio, Winnipeg Manitoba; Saskatoon and Regina Saskatchewan; and elsewhere. Our engineers consult on issues of room acoustics, sound isolation, speech privacy, HVAC noise control, building vibration, and exterior noise impact. They also provide acoustic and vibration measurement services.


Timm Carson

Timm Carson began his acoustics career in 2001 working in the automotive sector as an NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) Engineer at Collins & Aikman (now IAC). During his early years with the company, he performed acoustic modeling of cabin interiors, which apply similar concepts to architectural room acoustics. He later managed all of the company’s NVH testing and consulting. He developed standardized testing procedures for material testing to SAE and ASTM standards, developed a new engine compartment insulator with better acoustics performance and lower weight, and was NVH technical lead for the company’s Honda-dedicated business unit.

Since joining Soundscape Engineering, he has broadened his experience to include environmental noise and vibration assessment, HVAC system noise and vibration control, and sound isolation and room acoustics for the built environment.

In his free time, Timm is a ‘maker’ and enjoys time in the local makerspace, designing and creating. His maker projects range from custom cabinetry, to specialty acoustics test rigs, to designing and building his own houses. His adeptness as a maker and his knowledge of sound and vibrations, testing, and programming is such that he has had a side business since 2012, designing and fabricating acoustical testing systems and hardware for large acoustics test equipment manufacturers who need custom test hardware and systems for their customers.

Timm brings his vast knowledge of acoustics and engineering, his years of experience, and his practical approach to each project at Soundscape. This is harmonizes with our company philosophy of delivering projects with sensible solutions in the most efficient manner.